Professional Beauty Consulting

P.B.C. is a company founded by 3 beauty experts, who have held senior executive positions with the world number one cosmetic company. They have demonstrated extensive international expertise and they offer the following 5 services in the field of beauty:

  • Strategic consulting missions and operational support to accelerate revenue and EBITDA growth.
  • Identification of targets with potential for investors (companies or investment funds).
  • Search for investors for beauty players wishing to raise funds or sell their business.
  • Strategic analysis and measurement of the potential of acquisition files for investment funds (Senior Advisor).
  • Search for distributors for international development.

Create value for beauty industry players and investment funds

The cosmetic market is set to double in the next 10 years and already represents 260 billion euros (without services). The market is known to be highly profitable but also extremely dynamic, with new products and service brands appearing every day.
Some of them will become top players, while others will disappear as quickly as they appeared.

€260 bn
Size of the sell-in beauty without services market
A market
in the next 10 years
France: world leader of the beauty industry

Our ambition

It is P.B.C.’s ambition to become the expert link between beauty companies and investment funds, to create long-term value through targeted acquisitions, change management, restructuring, digitalization and e-commerce implementation.

Our services

We support the development of players in the beauty sector and investment funds to create value.

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Why choose P.B.C. ?

The beauty market is highly complex, highly marketed, highly competitive and highly changeable. It can therefore be difficult for companies in this market to identify and prioritize the right growth strategy and for investment funds to select targets that can truly create value. P.B.C. experts help beauty companies and investment funds to gain insight into this market to create value in the short, medium and long term.

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Our method

For each of our services, we have developed a clear and effective method in order to best optimize the planning of each mission.

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About us

The 3 partners have a unique knowledge of the global beauty markets and of its brands. They have a very complementary expertise. They have each been able to build a personal relationship with many market players, large or small. Their expertise is essential to distinguish the high potential brands from a “flash in the pan”. Their operational and management experience also makes them ideal partners for an investor in the post-acquisition phase.

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Creating value
Creating value
Creating value