Why choose P.B.C.?

The beauty market is highly complex, highly marketed, highly competitive and highly changeable. It can therefore be difficult for companies in this market to identify and prioritize the right growth strategy and for investment funds to select targets that can truly create value. P.B.C. experts help beauty companies and investment funds to gain insight into this market to create value in the short, medium and long term.

Creating value for beauty brands and investment funds

Our 3 founding partners have considerable experience of hands-on management in more than 15 countries, and extensive knowledge of the global cosmetics and beauty sector and the major disruptions that are expected. Over the years, they have developed a network of close relationships with most of the key players on each continent. Their expertise is essential to distinguish the high potential brands from a “flash in the pan”. Their operational and management experience also makes them ideal partners for an investor in the post-acquisition phase.

  • Unique concept on the beauty market
  • Complementary expertise of associates covering all areas of a beauty business
  • International experience of its founders (Europe, Asia, US)
  • Digital expertise (e-commerce, communication)
  • Accompaniment by the PBC method
  • Agile, flexible and simplifying
No bullshit, just action!

4 vectors
of value creation

E-commerce, a must for creating value

E-commerce has become the world’s leading distribution channel. The pandemic has broken down all barriers. Channels that used to be separate from each other have exploded with e-commerce, which distributes consumer products as well as professional and luxury goods. A clear e-commerce strategy is essential for value creation today.

  • Strong acceleration of online cosmetics sales (+50% for major companies in the beauty market)
  • Already a significant sales driver for major players (25 to 30% of turnover)
  • Explosion of the physical limits of distribution, especially for selective/professional brands
  • State-of-the-art in the US and Chinese markets
  • Trust (e-reputation) is extremely important to start e-commerce

Professional beauty, a “best-kept secret” opportunity

Professional beauty is “trendy”, women are looking for professional products and techniques, no matter the type of product, makeup, hair, styling, skin care or tools such as straightening plates, hair dryers, and application systems. E-commerce has made it easier to access them and professional brands are in full development. Nevertheless, these brands are often “underpriced” even though their potential growth is significant.


  • Consumers are increasingly looking for professional brands that are synonymous with efficiency. Professional products are “on-trend”
  • Many brands have entered this market in the last decade
  • Professional devices are growing strong (e.g., straightening plates, hair dryers, etc.)
  • Some brands have a high potential but lack resources
  • The major global players are ready to acquire brands with a specific positioning but who are already of a significant size

Our road map for investment funds

Support in 3 phases :

  • Creation of opportunities
  • Intermediation and construction of an integration and transformation strategic plan
  • Post-acquisition operational support